Payment for publication

The article is published on the official web-site of the International Scientific Journal “Web of Science and Academic Researcher” in the period set by the editorial board for the approval of the article – this allows you to submit a report to the research department on the availability of the article before the printed publication issuance. After the final layout of the number, the journal will be added to the science-based databases, and the author of the article will be sent an electronic version of the journal in pdf format. In addition, the author may request a printed copy of the journal and / or a certificate in the electronic or printed form confirming the article publication, as well as the DOI assignment.

Publishing terms for the standard publication
Terms of payment Payment currency
Prices valid until June 30, 2019
Publication of an article up to 5 pages 400,00 1500,00 25,00
Each following page +25,00 +100,00 +3,00
DOI (scientific identifier) assignment 270,00 680,00 10,00
Access to the electronic (pdf) version of the journal Free
Printed copy of the certificate confirming the publication of the article 200,00 770,00 8,00
Printed copy of the journal 170,00 1200,00 20,00
Reference on participating in the scientific topic development 350,00 900,00 15,00

*Individual students’ publications are placed exclusively in the online version of the International Scientific Journal “Web of Science and Academic Researcher”, with a review of the candidate / doctor of sciences. In case of absence of a review, the Editorial Board of the scientific journal considers the possibility of assistance in obtaining it.


Payment details are sent to the author after the positive decision on the article publication.

Discounts. The authors, who have published 5 or more articles, are provided a 10% discount. (To receive a discount, when submitting the article, please indicate in the notes that the author is published again).

Payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer.
  2. Payment cards (VISA, MasterCard).
  3. Electronic money (WebMoney, YandexMoney).
  4. Money transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram, GoldCrown, Unistream).
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