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For being absolutely sure that we deliver high qualified scientific papers and information, Publisher decided to provide paid base for submission. Thus, it will encourage authors, and, at the same time, inspire them, to find new ways, methods for their researchers, as Wos-Journal is the best Ukrainian platform for developing several areas of Science and Society. Fees present by themselves a systematical complex with payment that is a necessity and that one that is extra (according to author’s requirements).


Scientific paper 5pages 480 UAH 20 USD 15 EUR
Editional page +30 UAH 1,5 USD 1 EUR
DOI, identification 300 UAH 13 USD 11 EUR
Journal, pdf version of book  free  free  free
Journal, printed version of book 250 UAH 11 USD 10 EUR
Certificate pdf + printed 200 UAH 9 USD 8 EUR
References from associate professors, reviews PhD, professors 370 UAH 16 USD 14 EUR

For authors who have published more than 5 papers there is a discount (15%). Publication agreement’s assignment is a necessity. Two copies have to be signed and sent with Supplementary Material.