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Instruction for authors

         WoS-Journal seeks to publish the best and most innovative scholarly manuscripts on international relations. A study that does not emphasize any international (or cross-border) phenomenon as a major cause or effect falls outside the journal’s domain. WoS-Journal features articles that contribute in some way to the improvement of general knowledge or empirical theory defined broadly. Although we may publish a manuscript designed to propose a solution to a current world problem, we prefer to publish those that also apply theoretical ideas, contribute empirical analyses or address general questions debated in the scholarly community.

     The editorial team sends submissions, except letters to the editor, to reviewers before making a decision to publish. Approximately 5 percent of manuscripts submitted to WoS-Journal are ultimately published by the journal, while approximately 40 percent are judged by the editors as not ready or appropriate for external review. The standards of WoS-Journal’s reviewers are high. Before submitting their work, authors are strongly encouraged to seek advice and detailed comments from colleagues.

     1. Classification. Authors have to choose whether they would submit their scientific article (materials that present new theoretical arguments and/or empirical evidence that constitute a substantial advance of knowledge, more than 7, but less than 15 pages, A4) or thesis (must be of similar importance and potential impact but likely with a somewhat narrower objective, 3-4 pages, A4) which be devided and sectioned according to the thematical directions of WoS-Journal printed edition.

     2. Structure. Authors have to follow the structure:

     2.1. Universal Decimal Classification of the thematical directions;

     2.2. Name and surname of author(s); for local authors names have to be written in English, Russian and Ukrainian (no more than 3 authors);

     2.3. University or place of work, position, city, country;

     2.4. ORCID;

     2.5. Abstract (200-250 words); for local authors abstracts have to be written in English, Russian and Ukrainian;

     2.6. Key words (8-10 words); for local authors key words have to be written in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

     2.7. For readability, please double-space the text of your submission and use a 12 pt. serif font. Also, please add page numbers.

   2.8. A paper should be sectioned and has to consist of introduction, aim of research, materials and methods, previous investigations, object and subject of research, results of research, conclusions, perspectives and propositions, summary.

        3. Originality. We strongly prefer articles that reach new and interesting conclusions or that offer new information or evidence.

       4. Challenges to the conventional wisdom. Articles that reiterate well known and popular views are less likely to be published than those that challenge the conventional academic or policy wisdom. As one member of the journal’s editorial board put it: “If nobody is going to disagree with an article, there’s no reason to publish it.”

     5. Procedure. Authors wishing to submit manuscripts to WoS-Journal should send papers, articles or thesis to the managing editor at szrukraine@ukr.net or info@ukrlawcouncil.org